Let your company stand out in the crowd. Your company brand should communicate quality and professionalism while being memorable among your competitors. Creativ Endeavor works with you to understand your desired customers, the values of your company, and your vision for the future, so we can create a custom logo, fonts, and colors to grow with your company.


What Defines Good Brand Identity


Brand identity enables you to have a look that is authentic and specific to you. It sets you apart from your competition and introduces the vibe of your business.


We all know brands that only require a symbol to tell us who they are. While this doesn’t happen immediately, simplicity can be a major attribute to helping it along.


The last thing your brand should do is limit your business. While still remaining true to you, a brand should be broad enough that it has the capability to grow with you.


Everything about a brand should promote the same feel, even when viewing individual pieces. The stronger the components, the stronger the core will be.


When is the Right Time to (Re)Brand?

Brand identity is how someone puts a visual to your business. A strong identity makes you significantly more memorable to first time customers and will spark their memory more easily the next time they come in contact with you. It also helps establish the emotional vibe you’re trying to communicate, and allows visitors to immediately identify when they’ve found what they’ve been looking for.
If built correctly, your brand identity should be able to grow with you. There comes a point; however, when it’s time to go back to the drawing board and start fresh. You new vision and ventures should all be captured in your brand so others can get a clear sense of them. If your brand no longer encapsulates the mission of your company, time for a rebrand.
A new brand is a sure-fire way of getting attention. If major changes are in the works or have already taken place, changing your brand to reflect these changes can alert your current customers and prospects that something exciting is happening. Take advantage of this accessible visual cue and alert the neighborhood!


What Brand Identity Includes


What Brand Identity Includes

Style Sheet

A style sheet is a quick reference guide to your brand identity’s key elements. Most companies expand this into full books, but having an accessible “cheat sheet” for clarity can provide direction in a flash.


Your logo is the core of your brand identity. When designed correctly, it can convey a sense of professionalism while showcasing a unique style with memorable qualities.

Alternative Layout

While the essential qualities must remain intact, an alternative layout (e.g. an accompanying horizontal or vertical format) can help when it comes to specifically-oriented spaces.

Color Palette

Color palettes are comprised of the colors found in the logo, and many expand into complementary shades. All selections should have Pantone, CMYK and RGB values to enable easy communication of the exact colors.


A handful of fonts should be selected and used exclusively across all materials. Finding typefaces that compliment one another can add another unique edge to your brand and promote consistency.


This is where your brand flourishes in the details. Having a go-to icon look and feel that influences your growing library is the cherry on top of your brand identity.



The Best of Our Work

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The Basic Steps of Creating a Brand Identity

Identify Your Vision

Talking face-to-face with our clients is one of our favorite things about being local. With coffee in hand, we discuss your vision, give feedback to a spread of existing logos, and determine a direction that fits your company’s desired look and feel.

Design with Authenticity

With a direction acquired, we create a custom brand identity that not only aligns with your industry but is unique and authentic to your business. The finished product is a look and feel that visually identifies your company.

Launch & Beyond

Equipped with a style sheet containing your logo, all additional formats, color scheme and typography, you are ready to launch your new brand identity! All of the files you need are provided. If you desire further assistance with the transition, we’re here to help kick things off with accompanying marketing materials.